Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Start of the Madness

I never thought that I would be publishing a blog but my girlfriend, Liz Bauer, and I have started a project that a number of friends have expressed interest in following and I think this will be the best way to keep everyone up to date.  I've been meaning to write this initial post for months so here it goes.....

The project:  Liz and I have decided to attempt to break the record for the most 100 mile races done in one calendar year.  To the best of our knowledge this record was set by Monica Sholz in 2010 when she ran 25 runs of 100 miles or greater in that year.  Our goal is to hit 30.  A project like this has many challenges and you'd think at first that the main challenge would be the physical challenge of doing so many long distance runs in such a short time but I'm thinking that the financial, organizational and travel challenges are going to be at least as great.  The journey has begun so we shall see....

Liz and I with Phil McCarthy (center) moments
after he set the national 48 hour record in 2011
at 3 Days at the Fair in NJ.  Phil won't be joining
 us in this record attempt!
The players:  Liz and I have both been running ultras for 10+ years and have probably done about the same number of races though Liz has done many more 100's than I have.  My tally is about 20+ while Liz is in the 40 range.  These totals include 24 hour races where we did 100 or more miles.  Liz has had a lot of success winning many races.  She has also completed the last 9 Leadville Trail 100 races and plans to get her 10 year buckle later this year.  I don't think any other female done this many consecutive LT100's.  She also has a pending national age group record at 48 hours of 205+ miles.  I have a hard time keeping up!  Back in '03 and '04 I was running well and winning some races but have never got back to that level of fitness.  The most important thing though, that both Liz and I have going for us in chasing this record is our stubbornness and never quit mentalities.  We just don't DNF.  We suck it up and do what needs to be done when it gets tough and are good at maintaining forward progress and not lingering at aid stations. I believe in our ability to do this and we're both very committed both emotionally and financially!

The schedule:  Below is the schedule as it stands now.  Liz did the HURT 100 while I did not.  Both of us finished Long Haul so as of now the tally is Liz-2 and Scott-1.  Our plan is not to compete with each other but to share the record in the end.  Liz is far from guaranteed a spot in Hardrock while I am already in that one so that may be how we even up.  The highlighted races are ones we've already registered for while the end of the year is still to be determined.

Jan 14
Hurt  -  HI                                             
Jan  21
Long Haul  -  FL                          
Jan  28

Feb  4
Rocky Raccoon  -  TX                
Feb  11

Feb  18
Iron Horse  -  FL                          
Feb  25

Mar  3
Doubletop  -  GA                          
Mar  10
Graveyard  -  NC                            
Mar  17

Mar  24
NJ  Ultra Festival  -  NJ                 
Mar  31
Umstead  -  NC                             
Apr  7
Philly  -  PA                                   
Apr  14
Potawatamie  -  IL                         
Apr  21
Labor of Love  -  NV                      
Apr  28
Salt Flats  -  UT                              
May  5

May  12
Zion  -  UT                                     
May  19
Keys  -  FL                                     
May  26
Nanny Goat  -   CA
Jun  2
Old Dominion  -  VA                      
Jun  9

Jun  16
Big Horn  -  WY
Jun  23
Black Hills  -  SD
Jun  30

Jul  7

Jul  14
Hardrock  -  CO
Jul  21
Vermont  -  VT
Jul  28
Burning River  -  OH
Aug  4

Aug  11

Aug  18
Leadville  -  CO
Aug  25
Lean Horse  -  SD
Sep  1

Sep  8
Pine Creek  -  PA                     
Sep  15
Mark Twain  -  MO                  
Sep  22

Sep  29
GA Jewel - GA
Oct  6
Arkansas Traveler – AR          
Oct  13
Heartland – KS                        
Oct  20

Oct  27
Javalina – AZ                           
Nov  3
Ozark – MO                            
Nov  10

Nov  17

Nov  24

Dec  1
Cajun Coyote - LA
Dec  8
Dec  15

Dec  22

Dec  29

  …..  = registered

The execution:  Lots of airplane rides!  : )  Liz and I have a motorhome that we will be using for parts of the year but we'll also be making many trips to Atlanta International Airport.  This is going to be an expensive year with limited opportunity for working so we're definitely going low budget.  The cheapest rental car, the cheapest fleabag hotels, and for many trips we'll be camping.  We won't be eating just rice and beans but no haute cuisine either!  One of the things that we look forward to most is seeing so many different courses and parts of the country.  We're also excited about meeting lots of new ultrarunning friends (as we did this past weekend at Long Haul) and seeing all the many cool people we've gotten to know over the years.  

Long Haul 100 report to follow.....


  1. Looking forward to following your progress over the year. Will see you at Umstead for sure. Awesome job for Liz finishing Hurt and then Long Haul in 24 just a week later !

  2. Wow! How exciting! If anyone can do it, you two can. I'm looking forward to keeping up with your adventure and if there is anything I can do to help, I owe you one, or two, or three....

  3. Very cool...and you know if you are out our way in NM, you have a place to lay your heads.
    See you in Silverton!

  4. Best of luck to you both! You are both all grit and steel and I have no doubt about your ability to finish what you start. Chris and I would love to host you if you are through Jackson or just need a break. We will definitely see everyone in Silverton in July! best, Lori and Chris

  5. This is crazy and awesome!
    (I ran with y'all in the second half of ALTAR 2010.)
    It's going to be fun to read of your adventures. Best of luck!

  6. Good luck Liz and Scott. Hope to see you at a couple of those races.

  7. Thanks everyone for the good wishes. I hope by Silverton time we're not wore out. I can't imagine being too worn out to hoist some beers at the Avon at least! Cheers!

  8. Absolutely awesome project, glad you're writing about it for us all!

  9. Dear Scott and Liz, I had the great pleasure of seeing you in action, at Shazam 24-hour/100 Miles and then again at Bartram 100s. You are beautiful and talented people with great strength and conviction. What strikes me most about you upon seeing you are your smiles, always engaging and welcoming. Watching you power up and onward has been inspirational. Congratulations and an absolutely stunning achievement and best wishes for 2013. -Susan P

    1. What a nice note, Susan. Thank you so much! While we've both had low times in races where we were too knackered to be especially pleasant we do both try to stay upbeat and especially be nice to the volunteers who are as much at the heart of this sport as the runners. It's humbling to think of myself as inspirational but If I am that's great. I really believe Ken Chloubers saying "You are better than you think you are and you can do more than you think you can!" See you out there Susan!