Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall schedule (updated 8 Nov)

There have been some changes in Liz and my own schedules but the following schedule should be pretty stable.  I've registered for all of my races and Liz most of hers.  We've diverged a bit but are doing many of the same also.

Date            Scott                              Liz

9-15        Off                                   Mark Twain

9-22        Georgia Jewel                 Georgia Jewel

9-29        Off                                   Off

10-6        Arkansas Traveler           Arkansas Traveler

10-13      Heartland                         Heartland

10-20      (Sis getting married)         Pony Express

10-27      Javelina                            Javelina

11-3        Coyote Springs                Coyote Springs

11-10      Wild Sebastian                 Wild Sebastian

11-17      Off                                    Off

11-24      Winter 100 (in Britain)      Shazam

21-1        Cajun Coyote                   Ancient Oaks

12-8        Off                                    Off

12-15      Bartram                             Bartram

12-22      Off                                    Off

12-29      Houston                            Houston

(11-8-12 Updates in Red)


  1. Good luck guys! Glad to see you doing well!

  2. I am glad you're back at writing recaps. Sorry about Hardrock. And congrats to Liz for breaking Monica's record!!!