Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wild Sebastian 100 mile

Here's Liz's slightly edited report on her Wild Sebastian run:

The Wild Sebastian 100 is a new Florida 100 on the East coast held in the Wild Sebastian wild life preserve.  I flew into Tampa, so had a long drive across the state.   I arrived at race headquarters just as the race briefing was finishing.  Found a reasonable motel 10 miles from the start.   Arrived a 6:30 am at the start, only to find out the race start was to be delayed by one hour due to rainstorms during the night. The race director wanted the course to dry out for us so we wouldn't get our feet wet.

The course is 25 mile long loops with aid very close together, never more than 3.5 miles between stations.  When I reached the first of 2 water crossings on the course, I was pleasantly surprised with a "water crossing" sign posted. There were mile markers every mile which was nice.  Unfortunately, on the back side and other portions of the course there was deep, snow white powder beach sand which after the first loop, most of us had to walk. Even this became very difficult...Sand soon filled our shoes. A mile section was deep grass, the Florida clumpy kind, with no trail.  I ran over a very large snake, boy did I run to the next aid station!  Also, there was an armadillo who ran right across in front of me.  The best part was coming around a corner upon a small herd of wild pigs, they didn't spook until I was 8 feet from them!  

This was a hard run for me, I had worked many hours the week before, night shift at the hospital.  There were many first time hundred milers, who showed great preserverence.  A lot of runners dropped. This is not an "easy" 100, nor hard, just challenging.  Post race we were treated to music with outdoor speakers,  a large shade tent, grilling with various meats. So much food!  

The awards ceremony included additional awards for fastest lap, most consistant lap, etc.  I napped in my rental car and had a second round of food before making way.  I would like to comment on the second place woman.  ( to the best of my memory, there was only 2 female finishers)  The blisters on her feet were unbelievable, but she stayed strong, and endured to the finish.  The second place male ran the entire course in five fingers.  He stated they worked well in all the sand...there sure was a lot of it.  

I must mention the course markings.  Every turn was marked with left or right turn.  Wrong way signs with a large X were posted.  Yellow ribbon ran across wrong turns.  At night....Every intersection was marked with flashing strobe lights.  You could not get lost.  I did take a wrong turn, running 3/4 a mile before realizing and turning back.  Of course, right there, was a wrong way marker I had missed and ran right by not paying attention.  All and all I have to give this race a thumbs up.  It is well oraorganized with a great post party and a challenging course. My finish time was 25:02. First female.

Race count: Liz (10) Scott (5)

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