Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Liz's New York 100 race report

I did a bit of editing but here is Liz's report on her run in NY:

The Great New York exposition, a 100 mile run starting in times square and looping all around  Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, out to Coney Island...Wow what a cool idea!  This race was organized by Phil McCarthy, a National record holding champion in the 48 hour race.

The thought of running a 100 miles completely through a city intrigued me, and sounded exciting.  There would be no aid stations with food, water and gator aide only.  Runners would carry cash to buy food along the way, there would be multiple opportunities for Dunkin donuts and local cafe stops.  One drop bag would be available for supplies, I put my blister kit,  light, a warm shirt, etc.  A pacer would be required after mile 64, I did not have one, but, Phil fixed me up the most wonderful local runner, her name was Erin.  Many Thanks go out to Erin for her navigational help; Phil gave us all detailed turn by turn directions, four pages worth. Navigation was going to be a challenge, the course would be marked, but, with turns coming sometimes every 10th of a mile, map reading  would be neccessary.

I flew into Laguardia NY, was able to use public transportation to times square, got a room just 100's of feet from the start.  It was all starting to be very fun, just being in Times Square for the first time.  The start came too early and we were off!  I started very slowly, my legs were still feeling the last run.  I can't say enough good things about this run, I had a blast!  I meet so many nice people, ran quite a few miles with a Doctor named Mark, his wife met us every 10 miles or so, with a cooler of ice and drinks.

The cut off for 50 miles was 12 hours, and the going was slow with stopping for all the lights, intersections and map reading.  Quite a few of us did bonus miles, my self , and 2 other runners took a wrong turn in a park and ran down the wrong railway bed trail, we did about 6 extra miles.  Running over the big bridges was really cool.  Going out to Coney Island at 3:30 in the am and running the length of the board walk along the beach was neat.  There were so many people out. Bands still playing, the city never sleeps.  One time we went by a fire hydrant spraying water, several of us decided to cool off.

In a neighborhood, I was low on water, there was a man out washing his car, so , I asked him for some of his hose water, he said  "oh no, we have filtered water inside, let me get you some"  New Yorkers are so kind!  It was fun going into the local shops to buy food and drink.  During the night, I never needed my light,  I always felt safe, it was a true adventure.

This has been one of my favorite runs this year.  The finish in times square was exhilarating.  Phil had a room reserved for the runners to shower post race, this was very thoughtful.  I am sure I am missing a lot of fun details, but, you'll just have to run it for yourself!  This is a must do.  My time was 24:44  

A couple of start pics:
Runners at the start in Times Square

RD Phil McCarthy giving last minute directions.

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