Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Year in Numbers

Here's a table with some interesting numbers from our year.  Perhaps the most surprising number that popped out as we compiled this list is the number of hours run.  Liz had a total of 979.5 hours of running in 2012!  That's a half time job and that's just time on her feet.  I also had a goodly number at 751 hours and 47 minutes.

For the non-runners out there bonus miles are miles run while off course in a race.  I only got bonus miles at Doubletop but Liz is greedy and took bonus miles at a number of races.

Races completed 36 27
Total miles 3667.5 2894
"Bonus" miles 49.5 9
Total time hh:mm 979:30 751:47
Avg. pace min/mile 16 15.6
Wins 11 0
DNFs 0 3
Sub 24 hour 11 10
Sub 22 hour 2 4
Fastest finish hh:mm 21:01 20:19
Slowest finish hh:mm 47:11 32:45
# plane flights 60 55
# sponsors 0 0
# comped entries 2 1
# belt buckles 29 25
Some more notes on these numbers:

- For the total miles we didn't do the research for exact miles per race.  We just took our total finishes x 100 then added bonus miles plus 18 for Liz's LOST 118 race and I added my DNF miles in.
- The number of airline flights is accurate within 5 or so flights.  Again we didn't do the extensive research but looked at our completed flights on our Airtran acct and added in the extras on other airlines.
- Mike Dobies sent a funny link to a google map with a driving route with our approximate total mileage between us.  You can see it here.
- The Coury brothers comped our Javelina entry.  Thank you guys!
- Buckle photos will be up soon.

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